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Our Process

WDD - Project

We understand all 7 stages of website design and development, at each stage we guide you hand to hand and move forward in a organized manner to produce best of the best, once the product is in beta, we go for thorough testing and further as per your business needs we help you with Marketing also.


Planning & Architecture

The first step is “Planning” i.e. what the client wants to achieve from the website, the menu structure, no of pages, and the user flow, which is then followed by “architecture & wireframe”. This provides the client an upfront idea of what we are going to achieve in terms of functionality and a fair idea of website design.

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Branding guidelines and brand collaterals lay the foundation of “Web Design” so before starting the front end design, we have to sort out design collaterals in order to proceed with a flawless design in sync with the client’s theme and business requirements, make sure your “Brand Colors, Typography, Images, and graphics are all ready.

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UI Design & Front End Development

UI & UX design, this is customers arena, most important & time-consuming. It needs thorough research in terms of usability from user POV, which will decide optimum conversions fulfilling business objectives. Then our “Star” developers will bring the UI to life.

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Testing & Review​

Without solid testing, no website is perfectly done. All websites are launched for beta testing. After completing the coding, we have our custom checklist and a list of tools to perform black box and white box testing. A/B tests were also introduced to identify user interactions.

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Go Live and Maintenance​

After launching the website we analyze website traffic & user interactions. We use page sense and data analytics to record website usage and user flow. Real-time visitors are a goldmine, as they will tell us whether the website is performing optimally for conversions or not, issues are identified and rectified in the process.

We are the only agency in Bahrain who does user recording of each and every session.

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Frequently asked questions

Why Should You Invest in Web Design in Bahrain?
Investing in Web Design in Bahrain is extremely important in today’s date. Since more and more people are using the Internet for buying products as well as services, a good website is necessary for every business. To put it simply, every business needs a good web design because it is one of the easiest ways to connect to your target audience these days. Not only that, a good website design in Bahrain can open the door to more leads as well as conversions. People tend to trust websites with good UI i.e. User Interface much more than below-average-looking websites, an integral factor when it comes to making purchase decisions.

This is where the need of investing in a good website design company in Bahrain comes into the picture. Although there are softwares available today through which you can design websites yourself, but without the help of a professional, you cannot customize them perfectly. A good website design goes a long way in creating the right impression for your customers and connecting to them which eventually leads to more conversions. It is simple math, good website designs are necessary for retaining a customer’s attention which is one of the ways to increase conversions.
What Approach We Follow For Website Design In Bahrain?
As the best website design company in Bahrain, we follow a calculated web strategy. Great design comes with thoughtfulness and smart play. We make sure that the websites we create align with the overall aim. Every element of our websites abide with the defined goal of the brand. We experiment with a variety of indicators, text, tools, and interactions to bring out the perfect design. We pay especial emphasis on locality, the kind of website designs in Bahrain that are in demand and that’s why we are one of the most successful web design companies in Bahrain

We follow these steps for Website Design in Bahrain:

  1. Aim: Our foremost step is to analyse the overall aim of the client’s brand where we understand the concept of the brand.

  2. Scope: Determining the scope of the project helps in making relevant web pages. It helps in adding such features which increase the potential of the website.

  3. Blueprint: It involves sitemap and wireframe creation. Herein, in the roadmap we decide the right content and features to put in the website.

  4. Content: We put in content through blogs, videos and infographics. We create effective SEO optimized content for the individual pages.

  5. Visuals: The website design style adds to the personality of the brand. We have got talented web designers in Bahrain who are updated with newest designs.

  6. Testing: Once every element is in place, we test the website. We run the website on a variety of devices. We use automated site crawlers. Via test and trial of the website cover up everything from user experience to simple broken links.

  7. Launch: And click! There we go. Once the website designing part is fully tested, and approved we launch it. Launch timing and communication are kept in mind while executing the website.

With these seven steps, we make the best website design in Bahrain. It’s a wholesome process that caters to every minute aspect of your brand. If you are looking for any professional web design agency in Bahrain, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We follow agile approach to deliver the top quality website design services in Bahrain.
Why We Are The Best Website Design Company in Bahrain?
Imapro is a leading website design company in Bahrain as we offer conversion-friendly web designs. The website’s main objective is to uplift the company’s productivity and generate more revenue. Our web design services in Bahrain start from the customer’s persona and work towards conversion, we create custom web designs (with A-B testing) for each client. Progressive with the flow of CTAs in sync with the user journey. We know Bahrain, its demography, and customer’s psychology, we start by understanding our client’s objectives and budgets, accordingly we draft an appropriate website design Bahrain package. This makes Imapro the best web design agency in Bahrain.

Ethos of our Website Design Services Bahrain:

Trust- We follow an ethical, genuine approach. We make our commitments come true with timely, qualitative results. Quality- Among all web design companies in Bahrain, imaPRO is the best website design company because we offer scalability in design and sustainability in coding. We design and develop websites that are scalable beyond client understanding. Humane- imaPRO follows a blend of personalism and professionalism. We render web design services in Bahrain that are modern, sustainable, and innovative. At the same time, we connect personally to our clients to fully understand their needs. Updated- The web designers at imaPRO strive to keep themselves updated with new trends, CMSes, and technology which helps scale the design conversion and has a low code development backend. Thus, we offer the most upgraded website design services in Bahrain. TSBPM: We follow our unique “Time slice batch productivity model”, in which we create a batch of similar tasks which are executed in a synchronized manner saving 27% of time & efforts, hence we provide competitive pricing with a good quality product offering quality website design and development services in Bahrain.
As a Web Design Agency in Bahrain, What Services We Offer?
Website is the first impression of your brand as it is the primary source of information to the users. Excellently designed websites are the key to attract users and, is the most outstanding web design agency in Bahrain which covers multitude of website design services.

imaPRO offers following Website Design Services in Bahrain:

Logo Design – Logo is the visual presentation of a brand. It is the first contact, first information for customers. Our web designers in Bahrain know the tactics to make an impressive logo and keep the five qualities in mind, namely, simplicity, relevance, memorable, timelessness, and versatility. We ensure your logo is instantly identifiable, and ensure that when customers look at it, they’ll connect with your brand.

UI/UX Deign– User interface relates to front-end app view and direct human-computer interactions where users can control software and hardware both. We make smooth UI/UX designs which aid communication between machine and user. Our UI/UX designs are clear, concise, familiar, efficient, and responsive.

Custom Website Design– Custom website design make users easily learn and understand your business. The strategy used in our custom website design in Bahrain includes great user experience, programming, and marketing. Our custom website designs abide to your brand goals. Our web designers in Bahrain use the best colors, images and themes to attract potential customers to your website.

Responsive Website Design– Responsive web design refers to such design and development which responds to the user’s behaviour. It includes flexible grids and layouts, images and usage of CSS media queries. We make such websites that responds on all platforms and devices which makes us the best website design company in Bahrain. If you are searching for one of the best web design companies in Bahrain, then contact us now to get the top-quality website design services in Bahrain. Along with web design we also offer top SEO services in Bahrain. Contact us now! SEO Services in Bahrain | SEO Company in Bahrain Imapro is the top SEO company in Bahrain. We have a team of search engine optimization experts who offer the best SEO services in Bahrain. Call Now.

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