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We have worked with 300+ startups, so we understand your requirements, we can work together to demystify your objectives as per your “Budget”

Our Process

WDD - Project

We understand all 7 stages of website design and development, at each stage we guide you hand to hand and move forward in a organized manner to produce best of the best, once the product is in beta, we go for thorough testing and further as per your business needs we help you with Marketing also.


Planning & Architecture

The first step is “Planning” i.e. what the client wants to achieve from the website, the menu structure, no of pages, and the user flow, which is then followed by “architecture & wireframe”. This provides the client an upfront idea of what we are going to achieve in terms of functionality and a fair idea of website design.

Steps followed

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Branding guidelines and brand collaterals lay the foundation of “Web Design” so before starting the front end design, we have to sort out design collaterals in order to proceed with a flawless design in sync with the client’s theme and business requirements, make sure your “Brand Colors, Typography, Images, and graphics are all ready.

Steps followed

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UI Design & Front End Development

UI & UX design, this is customers arena, most important & time-consuming. It needs thorough research in terms of usability from user POV, which will decide optimum conversions fulfilling business objectives. Then our “Star” developers will bring the UI to life.

Steps followed

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Testing & Review​

Without solid testing, no website is perfectly done. All websites are launched for beta testing. After completing the coding, we have our custom checklist and a list of tools to perform black box and white box testing. A/B tests were also introduced to identify user interactions.

Steps followed

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Go Live and Maintenance​

After launching the website we analyze website traffic & user interactions. We use page sense and data analytics to record website usage and user flow. Real-time visitors are a goldmine, as they will tell us whether the website is performing optimally for conversions or not, issues are identified and rectified in the process.

We are the only agency in Bahrain who does user recording of each and every session.

Steps followed

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