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Hi, myself Gaurav Agarwal and I won’t be talking 3rd Party i.e. “Gaurav is a maestro in creating sand dunes,tides in the ocean with special capabilities to alter the paths of moving asteroids” well am not Ironman. Neither Hulk nor Thor.
Am just a mortal having a passion for internet marketing and that’s the reason I started this blog, I have taken a different approach altogether with this blog and it’s as per my convenience “bole Toh”, designed as per my comfort.
Powerful “Digital Marketing & Social Media Person” who is adamant to change your views aboutOnline Marketing and SMO.
Am not worried if this blog ranks in Google or if it’s at all attracting SERPS, what worries me is that people should admire it. That’s it. The main concept behind this blog is “Small Tips of SEO/SMO/Marketing/Branding or Small Solutions to Bigger Problems
Am very impatient”, I admit this am very very impatient I start things and leave them in middle and lack concentration gravely, I gain and lose interest in any or every topic say within 24hrs. In a short span of a time, I can create wonders but if I have to outperform beyond SUPERB and PERFECTION… oh, shi** am not a typical SCORPIO. In short am a pit of all the disqualifications which will indispose me to be a writer. But after listening to Micheal Stelzner Podcast as if how to become a blogger and compiling it with all my experience “Do what you like”, “Be yourself” etc, I figured out its high time I should launch or I would be waiting for ages… and will go beyond my practical age to launch a blog… did anyone mention that you cannot launch at the age of 60? well, frankly not but you could have performance issues 😉
…Due to a sudden Adrenalin rush, I started writing my bio, I wrote the above content, in 20 mins I guess, then I took break saved it in draft… Posted the preview link of the content to my wife for review (she wasn’t online, I lost Interest and dropped it), I love her she is a great critic and when she says WOW, I am pumped again to do the job. …
After an Hr When she came back, read and reacted: !@#$%^
Wifey: What the Fcuk is this? You are a real Jerk…
Me: (I heard a nuclear explosion may be somewhere near my neighborhood)… What happened, I was trying to write my bio.

Wifey: GOOD write-up 🙂 I laughed like hell… You have 2 punctuation mistakes though (Told you she is a big critic)… and she continued, but did you have your breakfast? (I made Aaloo Paranthe (Indian bread filled with spicy mashed Potatoes) for you), Did the Maid come?, Did you iron your clothes?… And yes do call the water supplier to send in 2 bottles… & I left the chat.


So to start off from where I left… I will try and narrate a little about my academics. (Credentials nowadays are very important), they don’t actually make you super but yes create an impression upon others,“Oh my! He Is SUPER”
, anyways am a Fashion Designer by qualification, I did it from NIIFT, Mohali in 2002 and then I started my career from an Apparel Export company as a designer, but somehow it got entwined with marketing and I discovered my natural talent in Business Development.

In 2003, I partnered with a company, Pallaskriti (An Apparel export house) and my learning curve in International B2B marketing grew exponentially. I participated in many International commercial fairs as an exhibitor. I took membership of AEPC and EPCH and regularly exhibited in India International Garment Fair & Indian Gifts and Handicrafts Fair. My first step towards internet marketing was taking membership of a B2B business directory Indiamart and since then I never looked back. I made a portfolio website for the company, took membership of Alibaba and mastered all B2B selling techniques. In 2006 I learned Joomla and launched company’s own eCommerce portal Kurtabazaar (Which still ranks on the first page in Google SERPs on prominent keywords), it was in 2006 when I first cognized “Adwords” and was formally introduced to the world of PPC Ads.
As my interest in Digital Marketing increased, I completed a couple of courses from
I attended an affiliate marketing University “Wealthy Affiliate” for approx 6 months, It gave me rigorous insights of Online Sales Pitching, I even made luck selling few products via Clickbank, but my main objective was to understand crucial proficiencies practiced over the web for marketing (Sales funnel, Upselling, Downselling etc). I applied the same in Kurtabazaar. I created a successful eBay store for the company and even started selling on other e-commerce portals like Ebid/Overstock etc. The more my knowledge in eCommerce was substantiating, the more my desire to learn was intensifying. In 2010, I created a successful drop-ship model on eBay by creating an electronic store (Importing from China and Selling in India) and traded electronics worth more than $50000 in just eight months.
In 2011, I conned WordPress and launched a magazine blog grounded on Indian Entertainment Industry, precisely humor: “” and within first 3 months of launch, It started receiving nearly 2lkh impressions/month. I automated social media for the same and it attracted 1000+ likes on FB and 300+ subscribers on Youtube in first 3 months itself. In 2012, I lend my services to an educational institution, BIMTECH, optimized their Social Media and created few websites for them. I even applied email marketing strategies in the organization and successfully promoted their commercial events.
2013-2015 I worked for 2 Agencies (US and UK based) working with almost 60+ clients which added more feathers to my cap.
I also worked for as Digital Marketing Head in Largest online fashion website in UAE, for 1.5 yrs.
I am Google Analytics & Adwords Certified and One of the few “Hootsuite Certified Social Media Professionals”. Presently working on my latest venture with my wife “” a dropship E-Com model and providing my full-time services to “Takaud Savings & Pensions”, (A KIPCO group company) where is just first few months of joining I took digital channel at the first spot i.e. channel generating 90% of the company total client leads. [Proven Records]
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