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ChannelPotential ReachEst. ImpsEst. ClicksEst. Leads Est CPMEst CPC Est CPL Spend $ Spend BD
Facebook1,400,000000$2.00$2.00 $20.00 $0.00BHD 0.00
Instagram 1,000,000000$2.60$2.40$40.00$0.00BHD 0.00
SnapChat840,000000$5.00$3.50$40.00$0.00BHD 0.00
Google SearchAs per Search000$92.80$2.21$30.00$0.00BHD 0.00
GA (display)1,240,000000$3.00$2.24$30.00$0.00BHD 0.00
LinkedIn450,000000$30.60$4.30$50.00$0.00BHD 0.00
ProgrammaticRON000$3.30$2.24$30.00$ 0.00BHD 0.00
TOTAL000$0.00$0.00BHD 0.00

Above KPIs are just aggregate estimates, real results will vary as per your industry/creative & communication

Estimated Impressions
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Estimated Leads
Estimated Clicks

Frequently asked questions

Questions you might have regarding your project

What is recommended if budgets are under BD 500?

  • If your budgets are limited, try to limit marketing channels and invest only on what gives best results and is ROI friendly, for example if you are from real estate or medical industry, Search ads should consume 75% of your budget and rest 25% should be consumed in retargeting via social channels.
  • If you are in life-style industry try to focus on Instagram/ Facebook 60% and 40% on Shopping ads so on and so forth. Professional help will amplify your percentage of success.

How much agency charges for professional help?

If you need constant help with professional services, you can check out "Pricing" page, but if you are a small business and looking for onetime help, we start as low as BD 100.

Can agency help in creating custom media plan according to my needs?

Yes of course you can always contact us for initial discovery call regarding your business. Please check our Contact Page.

Which platforms do you use to design & develop?

We use all popular platforms i.e. WordPress, Shopify, Magento & even create custom websites on react.

How much time a development project will take?

A simple informational website with 10 pages on WordPress will take around 1 month in deployment. It will take 2 months with all testing including responsive.

Given that:

  • We are using a pre-built template.
  • We have all content and images created and approved.

Any complex project involves 8 stages of development described on homepage might take around 4-5 months in deployment and another 3 months in testing and refining.

Do you create Ecommerce Websites?

Yes we are experts in ECom website development in Bahrain, UAE and India. We have developed websites using Shopify, WordPress and Magento.


How do we add value?

Organization should  understand the dynamics between expectations and deliverable under a defined budget/timeline.


We have an expertise of 15 years in both development and Marketing of any business, so we can guide you as per your budget what route you should take.

Our other services?

We provide Digital Marketing/Automation consultation and in Bahrain

You can always contact us for any business requirement.

Looking for a great business solution?

We are happy to help you