Digital Marketing Strategy of a Restaurant Business in Bahrain – An Audit of Hunger Station

Digital Marketing Strategy of a Restaurant Business in Bahrain

About Hunger Station

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About Hunger Station

Hunger station is the first Saudi online food delivery website offer a fast-ordering service and allows you to either pay online or Cash on delivery. It has the largest collections of restaurants and supermarkets. It also has international brands and local cuisine restaurants.

Purpose of the blog

This blog is primarily focused on the digital audit and analysis of the restaurant marketing techniques and how the marketing strategy for restaurant in Bahrain can add value to this business. We will also focus on the analysis of this restaurant’s website, its design and issues, and identify the area for improvement.

After reading this blog you will have an understanding of:

Technical website Audit of Hunger Station

Here, the Spam Score of the website is high, it must not be more than 5%. It is very dangerous for the website’s ranking over search engines like Google and Bing. Domain Authority of the website is somewhat ok but they need some investigation on the quality and relevancy of this site to lower the spam score.

Page Speed of the website is very crucial for user experience as it is found in most of the studies that if a website is not loading in 2-3 seconds then the user closes the website. Google suggests that the average load time of the website should be under 2 seconds. But here in Hunger Station website, the fully loading time of the website is above 4 seconds which is not good and can be improved by various optimizations.

Traffic and Domain Analysis of Website

Organic Search Traffic is very low, which can be improved by proper keyword research, backlinks planning and by implementing Technical SEO corrections and engaging content marketing strategies for the website.

The bounce rate of Hunger Station is 71.89% which shows that more than 70% of users leave the website before performing any action. So, a proper website design and engaging content are required to compel the user to take action. Also, right now they are not accepting any orders from the website which can be a game-changer.

Heading tags are missing on many important pages of the website. These tags separate the heading and subheading of the web page and rank according to their importance. Using the correct H1 tag makes a big difference to SEO performance. Also, the Alt tags are missing from the image. The alt tag is a snippet of detailed information describing what an image shows. A good alt tag makes a great impact on the user experience.

Organic Search

Organic Search: Top Keywords

Below are some of the top organic keywords in Bahrain. As stated above in the organic search traffic section, to gain more organic traffic we need to plan the overall SEO strategy to rank at the top of the search engines in Bahrain from branded and non-branded keywords.

Organic Search: Organic Keyword Positioning

Most of the keywords are ranking from the 31-40th position on Google which means a considerable amount of traffic is lost which can be gained by proper SEO work on the website.

Organic Search: Top competitors

Below is the chart of top competitors. One of the competitors- “” has only 145 common keywords that bring 12.7K to the websites. We need to analyze the competitor’s marketing strategy strictly so that we can also have a good amount of traffic and conversions on our website.

Organic Search: Competitive Positioning Map

Below is the chart of organic traffic coming via Google. Some of the restaurants are leading in terms of organic traffic “Talabat” is on the top.

Paid Search

Hunger station is not running any paid campaign for restaurant marketing and advertising in Bahrain which is needed if they want to increase their position on Google. Paid campaigns help them to provide a large number of potential audiences to brands who are searching for their services.

Paid Search: Top Competitors

Below is the chart of paid competitors and paid traffic coming via Google. Most restaurants are leading in terms of paid traffic with which “Doordash” is on the top level. An analysis of competitor’s marketing is needed if they want to increase their position on google.

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Website Issues

• Search Box

The search box is not given on the hunger station website. It should be provided on a website like “Swiggy” so that the user can search for food and restaurants. Giving the search box will make the website more user-friendly and will also make better restaurant website design in Bahrain.

• Offers

The offers section should be added to the website like the “talabat” website. It attracts the customers and as a result, they will engage more on the website and the chances of conversions increase automatically.

• How It works

The website needs some good content strategy for the long-term conversions. Adding “how it works” section makes the website more understandable and helpful for the users as well.

No Order from Website

The website is not user-friendly. There is no option for the users to order food online from the website. While ordering food it is being asked to download the app which will take more time for the user. Also, some of the new users try and test the food and the website is perfect for those, they will not download an app for a one-time order.



A well-structured restaurant marketing strategy in Bahrain is required to take the Hunger Station to the next level. According to the digital audit, we are pretty sure that they lack digital expertise, and they need a digital marketing agency in Bahrain like Imapro to help them in a long-term marketing campaign.

So, what we have learnt from this audit is:


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