Digital Marketing Strategy of a Fashion Business in Bahrain – An Audit of Riva Fashion

Digital Marketing Strategy of Riva Fashion in Bahrain

About Riva Fashion

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About Riva

Riva fashion is a family-owned clothing and accessories company established in 1973 in Kuwait. It is grown from a single fashion store to luxury and fast fashion brands. Now the company operates more than 15 brands, and 140 stores offering customers the recognized name in fashion, accessories and footwear for teenagers, women and kids.

Purpose of the blog

The blog is primarily focused on the digital audit and analysis of the digital marketing strategy for fashion brands in Bahrain. We will audit Riva Fashion, identify the area of improvement, and then strategize what can be done to increase the overall traffic of the website and achieve their goals and objectives in the Bahrain location.

Technical Website Audit of Riva

The website consists of duplicate content which can be removed by adding new and unique content to the website. Duplicate content is harmful for SEO rankings and Google may penalize the website too.

The website page speed performance is very poor. Google also suggests that the average load time of the website should be under 2 seconds but here the full loading time of the website is more than 8 seconds. This should be improved as page speed is the key determining factor of ranking on Google SERP.

Alt Tags are missing from the most of the images. A good alt tag makes a splendid effect on the user experience as it provides information about the image, informs search engine crawlers, and allows them to index them correctly and rank over SERP.

Traffic and Domain Analysis of Website

Page authority score of the website is nil here which means that the domain is not that much trustworthy. The higher the score the more assumed weight a domain have which is a ranking factor as well. Scores between 40 to 50 considered as average, scores between 50 to 60 considered as good, and scores above 60 considered as excellent. The organic search traffic is also very low which can be improved by strong SEO planning and execution.

Organic Search

Organic Search: Top Keywords

Below are some of the top organic keywords and we can see that most of the traffic is coming from branded keywords. To gain more organic traffic there is a need to plan SEO strategy to rank well in Bahrain from non-branded keywords as well.

Organic Search: Organic Keyword Positioning

Organic keyword positioning is mostly concentrated from the 21-50th position on Google which means a considerable amount of traffic is lost. This can only be improved by identifying those keywords and working for them strategically to achieve good ranking and traffic.

Organic Search: Top competitors

Below is the chart of top competitors. One of the competitors “” has only 3 common keywords that brings 1.7K traffic to the website. So, to get more traffic to the Riva website we need to investigate the competitor’s marketing approach very precisely.

Organic Search: Competitive Positioning Map

Below is the chart of organic traffic coming via Google. Most fashion brands are leading in which “” is on the top level in terms of organic traffic.

Paid Search

Riva is not running any paid campaign for fashion marketing and advertising in Bahrain which is absolutely needed to get a good number of relevant users. Paid campaigns are very important for this kind of business as with the help of paid advertisements over Google and Social Media channels we can get some quality leads and conversions.

Website Issues

Website Issues: Website URL

The URL of the website consists of .html which is not a good practice to follow. Google and other search engines always prefer clear URL’s which is easy for both search engines and user’s experience.

Website Issues: Search Box

If we click on the add to cart option after clicking on the search box, the search box still shows up which is a bug in the website and not good for the user experience.


A user-friendly fashion website design in Bahrain always tries to fulfil the users’ needs and making your website easy to use helps create a relationship between the website’s audiences. In a survey, it has been found that many users leave the website only because of the poor user experience.

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A well-structured fashion digital marketing strategy in Bahrain is required to increase the sales of Riva Fashion. Along with the international SEO and Marketing, Riva should focus on the Local SEO and Marketing as well. They should invest in fashion digital marketing in Bahrain to increase their revenue.


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So, what we have understood from this audit is:


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