Quickest Linkedin Guide to Professional fame in just 20 mins

How should I request professionals to connect with me and how will they trust upon me ? … Ooh! Aah! Ouch!

Hi I am Garry ” The Laziest Man on Earth Finding the Easiest Way of Doing Things” , I have made a Quick LinkedIn Guide for beginners listing ways which would hardly consume just 20 mins of your daily schedule and if you are consistently following the process it can connect you with 5-10 veritable profiles daily.

How to grow your linkedin network

OH Man! How should I work on my LinkedIn Profile to grow my authentic network ??

Login to your profile home page and bother your eye balls a little for a quick glance on the right side panel of LinkedIn , Just below Who viewed your profile

You could see “YOUR LINKEDIN NETWORK” , and their you are , Click on (The No of ) New people in your network since Last date
*basically I am telling what you all might be aware of but yet I would recommend you to have a 2nd look 🙂 , you might have missed something .
So you will land on a page with Advanced search options, this page will list all the members which are new in your network, normally these nos are quite big ranking from somewhere 1k to 100k , but real challenge is to find all the people with whom you can connect with as a free member and they must be related to your industry vertical.
LinkedIn Advanced search is very powerful and they are adding new features frequently . You have to strategically harness the power of search. In below image you have to uncheck 1st connections and leave 2nd connections + Groups checked , Now you will mostly see all the members which are available in your network to connect as a free member , Game plan strategy comes to play when you start exploring filters , like suppose you want to grow your network in USA , then click United states under Locations , If you are willing to make connections in a particular company just search or add the company under Current Company , adding industry is very crucial , you should select or add your industry vertical or related to the filter, this will grow your network in relevant sector brightening your future prospects .

 Linkedin Guide to Professional Fame in just 20 mins

You can explore other filters also like Past Company, School, Profile Language etc. Filters with In Logo in yellow are for paid members. To avoid muddiness just focus yourself to your objective as Strategies don’t work without a clear target , if you are looking to strengthen your profile for Job then your strategy should be different and if you are looking to increase Business then it should be entirely dissimilar.

If you are a Candidate Looking for Job , You should connect to HR professionals of companies (Make a list of your dream companies first), Recruiters and Agencies who are looking for candidates in your Industry. You can also try and connect with employees of favorite company and can earn referrals.

TIP : If you see a 3rd degree connection and you are not able to connect , LinkedIn will let you connect if you know any 2 credentials of the required 3: Company Name , Email Address , Full Name , where as email addresses of professionals are hard to find on Google but you can search full names easily and connect 3rd Level connections easily for free.

Social Marketing Professionals with responsibility of marketing should outline their target industry and try to connect with professionals working in that vertical. Generating direct business on LinkedIn is not an easy task , its a brick by brick process. You have to connect, grow, share and gain trust of professionals.

Complete Strategies and Case studies will gradually come up in this blog , I will be releasing case studies on weekly and monthly basis demonstrating techniques used by big brands and social media jargon’s to imbibe leads from LinkedIn.


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