Digital Marketing Strategy of an Insurance Company In Bahrain – An Audit of Fakhro

Digital Marketing Strategy of an Insurance Company In Bahrain

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About Fakhro

Fakhro was established in 1888, has become one of the leading business groups in Bahrain. They deal with automotive, industrial products, electronics, telecommunications, insurance, contracting, shipping and logistics and have several branches in Bahrain, Iraq, UAE, and India. 

Purpose of the blog

This blog is primarily focused on the audit and analysis of the Fakhro’s insurance digital marketing strategy in Bahrain. We will identify the area of improvement, share our plan of insurance digital marketing in Bahrain and what can be done to achieve their goals and objectives in the Bahrain location.

After reading this blog you will have an understanding of:

Technical website Audit of Fakhro

Here, the Spam Score of the website is too high and Domain Authority is very low which is not good for the overall health of the website. It will directly affects the keywords ranking, so a technical quality and relevancy check of the website is required.

The website is not mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendliness is one of the best approaches to maintaining visitors on websites for longer period of time. If your website is mobile-friendly then anyone who tries to visit your website will have a proper experience and hence it also helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Meta descriptions, heading tags and alt tags are missing from the website. Meta description helps user and Google to understand what the page is about. Heading tags tells the users and search engines what the web page is focused on and why they should read it. The alt tag is very important for the image that is understandable by the search engines as it adds value to your SEO efforts by increasing user engagement.

We recommend that every web page of a website should consist of a page title and description, proper headings and alt tags as it helps the user to get the information easily which leads in raising the click-through rate (CTR) of your organic search result.

The website doesn’t have a sitemap and robots.txt file also. Sitemaps are highly encouraged for all websites as they make it easier for Google to find your website’s pages and improve your website SEO. So, we highly recommend them.

Robots.txt file is helpful for the search engines to understand where they are allowed to go on the website, which pages to access and index on your website, and which pages not to.

Traffic and Domain Analysis of Website

In today’s time, all the users want the service of insurance online, still there is no organic traffic coming to the insurance page at all.  They need proper SEO strategies and strong backlinks planning to improve the organic traffic.

The overall organic search traffic of the website is low and with proper keywords research, technical SEO and content marketing, it can be improved.

Organic Search

Organic Search: Top Keywords

Below are some of the top ranking organic keywords and as stated above, to increase the traffic we have to plan the SEO strategy to rank well in Bahrain from both branded and non-branded keywords.

Organic Search: Organic Keyword Positioning

Most of the keywords are ranking organically in 21-50th position on Google which means this website fails in getting even a single user organically. Again, this can only be improved with the help of well-structured SEO work.

Organic Search: Top competitors

We can clearly see in the image that one of the competitors – “” has only 10 common keywords that is bringing 6.9K traffic to the website. So, to get a good amount of traffic over Fakhro website, we need to analyze the competitor’s marketing strategy very precisely.

Organic Search: Competitive Positioning Map

As you can see the below chart of organic traffic coming via Google, one of the insurance company “” is on the top level in the terms of organic traffic.

Paid Search

Fakhro is not running any paid campaigns for the keywords like top insurance companies in Bahrain which is needed to get a good number of relevant users. In insurance digital marketing in Bahrain, paid campaigns plays a vital role in assisting them to provide a huge number of quality leads.

Website Issues

Website Issues: Comment Section

After going to the comment section page, the menu bar is shifting to the left side of the page due to which logo of Fakhro is hiding.

Website Issues: Adobe flash player

Adobe flash player is not supported in any browser It may be because it is a trial version, or the versions is blocked due to security reasons, or the version is out of date due to not being supported on any browser.

Website Issues: URL Issue

The website is not secured with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). This certificate encrypts the communication between the website and its user visitors and ensures that the information you enter on the website is processed securely so that the cybercriminals cannot misuse the data. As per Google algorithm, it is one of the major ranking factor too.

Website Issues: Screen Size

The website is not loading correctly sometimes on the full screen. They need to fix the CSS so that it looks user-friendly on all devices.

Website Issues: Sitemap

On clicking anywhere in the header section, the sitemap is opened. This is one of the major issues within the website.

Either the issue is happening because of the height width given inside the <td> tag of the HTML code or due to the height width mentioned inside the anchor tag.

So, to get a good customized website contact Imapro, we are the best website design company in Bahrain providing optimized, user friendly and responsive websites at the best price.



Fakhro owners must understand the importance of digital marketing in Bahrain and should invest in insurance marketing campaigns to increase their sales and revenue. They should create a well-structured insurance marketing plan in Bahrain or can get help from the best digital marketing agency in Bahrain – Imapro.

So, what we have learnt from this audit is:


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