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Digital Marketing Audit of a Real Estate Business in Bahrain

About Property Finder

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About Property Finder

Property finder was established in 2005 and in October 2007, the entire business is moved online, named AUSTRALIA REA GROUP LTD. In September 2013, property finder launched a property portal in Lebanon and expands into Bahrain with the launches of Its mission is to motivate and inspire people to get living the life they deserve.

Purpose of the blog

This blog is primarily focused on the audit and analysis of the real estate marketing techniques and digital marketing activities of this real estate website. We will identify the area of improvement and then strategise what can be done to achieve their objectives in Bahrain location.

What will you achieve/take away?

You will have a basic understanding how can you launch your real estate website in Bahrain and what technical challenges you will face, how will you market and get ROI.

After reading this blog you will have understanding of:


Please note that the data and metrics used in this report are taken from 3rd party tools. Data from these tools are not so reliable but they can help to give a direction and perspective to audit.

Technical website audit of property finder

Spam score of website is somewhat ok but if it increases from 4% then it might be dangerous for the website ranking which can affect the organic traffic of the website.

Page speed is very crucial from the SEO point of view and for user experience and hence it is one of the key determining factors of ranking on Google SERP. Pages with a longer load time tend to have a higher bounce rate and lower average time on pages. We have checked the page speed of the website in which we have found that mobile page speed is not so good which can be improved by some image optimization and server optimization.

Organic search traffic is low which can be improved by creating proper real estate keywords marketing plan in Bahrain, Technical SEO corrections and by implementing the correct content marketing strategies which can be easily done with the help of a real estate marketing agency in Bahrain like Imapro.

The optimal bounce rate of a website is approximate 26% to 40%. The website has a more than 40% bounce rate which shows that a large number of users leave the website before taking any action on the landing page.

Organic Search

Organic Search: Top Keywords

Below are some top organic keywords. So, to gain more organic traffic we have to plan and implement the overall strategy of SEO to rank well in Bahrain from non-branded keywords as well.

Organic Search: Organic Keyword Positioning

Organic keyword positioning is mostly concentrated from the 51-100th position on Google which means that a considerable amount of traffic is lost which can be regained by well structured real estate SEO work on this website.

Organic Search: Top Competitors

Below is the chart of top competitors. One of the competitor – “Friday market” has only 79 keywords that are contributing to the organic traffic of 1.8K to the websites. There is a strict requirement of competitor analysis to get the detailed information of real estate keywords, ranking and traffic.

Organic Search: Competitive Positioning Map

Below is the chart of organic traffic coming via Google. Most real estate companies are leading in terms of organic traffic with which expatriates are on the top level.

Paid Search

Paid Search: Top Keywords

Property Finder is running ads mostly on branded keywords. A comprehensive keyword audit and ads on the other non-branded real estate keywords with high search volume and intent will benefit the company in terms of acquiring new customers.

Paid Search: Paid traffic

The company is investing in PPC ads but the paid search traffic is very low. As stated above, PPC ads on keywords with high volume will lead in getting high traffic and will definitely results in generating quality leads.

Paid Search: Top Competitors

Below is the chart of top competitors. “” has the highest number of keywords i.e; 201, that are contributing to the paid traffic of 2,521 to the websites. We recommend to analyse the approach of and follow the same for your real estate marketing in Bahrain.

Website Issues

Website issue: Career Page

There are some pages in the website like “Career Page” which is not opening correctly. The given captcha is also not working and not letting the user to go on the next page.

Website Issue: Responsiveness

The website is not fully responsive i.e. the website design is not optimized for all devices. A good responsive real estate website improves the user experience, and readability, lowers the bounce rate and increases mobile traffic as well. We recommend to hire one of the best website design companies in Bahrain i.e. Imapro to get the best web design and development services at affordable prices.

Website Issue: URL Issue

The URL of the website consist .html and according to the Google Algorithms, this it is not a clear URL and also not a good practice to follow. However, no matter what URL ends with it, it will still show in the search results but it has little effect on the ranking of the websites.



Structured real estate digital marketing plan is needed to take property finder to the next level. We are pretty sure that they lack digital expertise, and hence they need to hire the best digital marketing company in Bahrain like Imapro which can cater all the real estate website needs and at the same time gives the huge number of sales.

So, what we have learnt from this audit is:


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