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How to create Content Marketing Strategy of RTA? A Simple Answer.

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How to create Content Marketing Strategy of RTA? A Simple Answer.

Strategy starts with a motive i.e an objective which has to be the final outcome of the strategy. So a Content strategy plan cannot be created in isolation i.e. whenever we are creating a content strategy, we have to reverse engineer our goal.


I.e. Everything starts with the cognizance of where we want to reach.


Objectives of a Govt. An organisation like RTA is something which cannot be decided individually rather it is a collective decision of an organisation, but still I have defined below motives as a core to hook up a starting point.

RTA content marketing plan

Core objectives of RTA 




  1. Giving information/news to the audience about the products i.e. current developments/projects RTA is undertaking, services which RTA has launched, basically imparting knowledge and educating people about product and services.
  1. Selling core services of RTA i.e. Metro, Bus, Water Taxi, Nol etc
  2. Recharging Nol Cards, Paying Fines Etc
Our Current Strategy
Informational 95%
Current RTA strategy on Facebook is informational, mostly all the posts are either educational or informational giving exposure to the audience. With and Avg post of 3.9 i.e. 4 per day, the organization is active on Facebook and titillating good amount of engagement among followers.
 Number of Page Posts RTA Dubai
Recommended Solutions for betterment.
Reach and engagement can be increased by boosting all important posts which are targeted for maximum reach, now this can be done in multiple ways in more optimized manner, i.e. if only engagement is required the measured metrics would be likes/shares and comments and to get it max we can add call to actions or questions. With a fixed amount of paid budget, the information will for sure gain more eyeballs with more engagement.
For E.g.


هل تعرف ما المقصود ب E11 ؟ Can you guess what E11 stands for?

Posted by RTA Dubai on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Above post asks a question and loops in visitors interest and attracts more than 900 likes and 51 shares but if a simple kick off budget is allocated this post can gain 10 times the engagement earning better branding for RTA.
*Again the above post is not giving any other measurable purpose rather better branding.
The conclusion is that important posts in which audience reach is desired at a maximum level can be boosted strategically to get the desired result.
I rarely found any post, transactional in nature i.e. RTA promoting any of its services or products. I can understand that RTA doesn’t require to go for push marketing as users themselves are reaching out for the mandatory services like Nol, Salik etc. The market exists with no competition so advertising is not needed but cognizance is required i.e. people should be aware of all the digital services RTA is offering. 
Now the exact requirement of Content strategy comes in, where you have to:
  1. Research (Market/Audience communication has to reach)
  2. Execute (Deploy the best techniques for maximum reachability)
  3. Optimize based on the data/feedback (Collect the data i.e. registrations/bounce rate/Avg time on page etc)
Consider auditing today’s post (6/03/2016) on RTA app.


أي من تطبيقاتنا الذكية تتيح لك التحقق من رصيد وتاريخ #بطاقة_نول وإعادة تعبئة رصيدها؟ Which of #RTA’s smart apps allows you to check your #Nol balance, top it up and view the past transactions?

Posted by RTA Dubai on Saturday, March 5, 2016

We are asking the name of the app which allows you to check the #nol balance. What kind of audience do you think would be interested and interact with this post?
 Well the answer is simple, audience who knows the answer will comment i.e. “X app shows you the balance”
Now what we have achieved? is the post targeted for those visitors who already have the app installed and know the answer ??
I think getting more and more people download and use the RTA app is the ultimate objective, well it’s not a rocket science to create a strategy for this objective.
Consider below:
“Do you know that from this app you can check your NOL card balance and TOP up instantly
Try now in just 3 Steps.
**BANNER linked to app download in Google play (With analytics UTM parameters for campaign tracking)
**Measurable metrics: App downloads
1. Excluding people who downloaded the app,
2. Targeting the ad to all those who visited the website>Nol services etc
3. Collecting the data and optimising the audience targeting furthur
4. Experimenting with different creatives
Advanced Technique: 
Go for a Carousal post/Ad explaining 5 benefits of the APP and linking each of the indivual carousal to App download link, running this post organically for 12 hrs and then auto boosting it with the help of a tools like Smartly.io
Now we have something tangible in hand here, i.e. we invested our time and energy over something which can be measured and outcomes can guide us to a better-optimized campaign in future.
Above is just a tip of an iceberg, I can keep on auditing the posts and give my inference but that’s not my objective.
Agile content marketing is the answer. Because no matter how wrong you get it at first, you can always make it right if you abide by this general philosophy i.e. You need to begin with the End.
How to create a stable Content Marketing Strategy: 
  1. Create a yearly Event calendar of the organization. (Pull up the RTA event Calender)
  2. Pull up festival Calender
  3. Bifurcate the calendar to quarterly, bi-weekly & weekly no of events, Sync it with festivals
  4. Bifurcate the ratio of Informational and transactional posts (in %age) this will be in sync with budgets allocated to content marketing/social media (A collective decision)
  5. Considering the number of posts, bifurcation of post type is mandatory i.e. Link post, Photo post, Video Post, Carousal post or Album
  6. Measure the data according to objective i.e. Likes/comment/shares, subscriptions, downloads, Sales etc.
  7. Optimise the strategy by analyzing the collected data. (Restart from step 4)


So optimisation is a continual process i.e. implementation of content strategy will be dynamic i.e.


what to post? when to post? what to boost? where to invest? etc.


These all questions will be answered by the data which will be collected by tools and the process is dynamic, but an annual content calendar is prepared based on our macro objective i.e. what we have to achieve in a year. Which is bifurcated to micro objectives i.e. campaigns leading to actionable posts/tweets/instas.


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