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How to add 3rd Level Connections on LinkedIn in just 5 minutes?

How to add 3rd Level Connections on LinkedIn in just 5 minutes?

I am often in a situation where I just receive an email of a client like bob@example.com and I have to either send an email to CRM dept to get full details of the client (To search and add him to LinkedIn), or I could add the client by a small  effective technique I worked out myself lately.

How can you add 3rd Level Connections on LinkedIn in just 5 minutes?

What do I know about a client? I know his first name and company website name i.e. bob and example.com

Step1: Search LinkedIn with this information and chances are that you get the company and few employees working in it , maybe you are lucky to have anyone in your 2nd level circle , but if you are not lucky enough LinkedIn will give you something similar to below picture.

It’s sad your client seems to be out of your network, she/he could be added only via sending an InMail for which you have to purchase a pro account. But Dear Never Fear Garry is Heir …

I will save your money just do as I SAY

Step2: Copy the first name , Profile designation and the Company, plug in the information inside Google & 99% probability is that LinkedIn profile with full name ranks on the first page. Just as I did for the same guy above and received the results as below.

Step3: I know genius, you have worked out the last step by yourself but still for all those with an average IQ (including me) , GUYS put in the  full name + company name in LinkedIn and I knew you will figure out what happens next … See an Einstein is reading my BLOG and they say this world needs another one.

So you have unlocked the secret formula how to add 3rd Level Connections, if you also have any other secret recipe do let me know in the comments 🙂

Gaurav Agarwal

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