How much time Google takes to index a New website Ans: 5 Sec

How much time Google takes to index a New website Ans: 5 Sec

Guys am creating this blog-post on the fly just to demonstrate that either Google has gone fast or SEO industry is still ignorant about this new feature You can actually make Google Index your 1. new website, 2. Old website with new pages, or 3. old pages with edited content in just 5 seconds … Am sure you are pretty much  leery that am lying and would be sharing some crappy technique. I don’t know how long this will last but am pretty exited to see it on the go so am sharing that how exactly you can also do the same.

How to get your blog post or web page indexed and ranked in Google instantly.

I did it with my blog which is quite new and as I submitted it the very same moment I checked Google cache and viola I was their, I even searched myself for title and WOW! I was ranking on 1st position (After all am Garry the Maestro) and this all happened in 5 seconds… Anyways for this example I will be sharing a client project am working on stay tight 🙂

Submit your Sitemap: Edit your web page or website you are working on, save the edited URLs and login inside your webmaster panel. Create a new sitemap with changes and resubmit it from webmaster panel

google webmaster sitemap

Google Webmaster Sitemap

Fetch As Google : Now go inside the 3rd tab under “Crawl” category which is “Fetch as Google” put your target Url in the box and press “Fetch” It will grab your url and give you a success message almost immediately

Now in above example I have clearly shown the sucess message and do have a look on time its Indian Standard time (IST) and current GMT time is : Search Results

12:19 PM
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 (GMT)

Time in Greenwich Mean Time

Submit to Index: Press the button just beside the Success message and you will receive a message asking :

Submit the following to the Google index:


URL and all linked pages
Select if your page is new or has been recently updated. Google doesn’t guarantee to index all submitted URLs.
Submit to index
Press OK and wait for a while till its getting indexed,  it will be done in few seconds.
I have submitted it but its showing IST time , GMT time is listed below,  the next step is to verify if its cached instantly.

Check the snapshot below taken at, Time is highlighted, website is cached and indexed immediately and you can see your SEO changes in effect instantaneously.

Check the image above it shows clearly “It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 1 Oct 2013 12:27:27 GMT.”

GMT time snap is showing 12.28 I mean it got cached even 33 seconds before, ( I suppose I took this much time to take snapshot from Google) So this validates that Google has applied indexing feature on priority basis,You don’t have to wait for ages to get your website indexed, Just follow the above procedure and get it on the SERPs instantly.  I wasn’t aware of this feature may be its a new addition or it might have been there from a while but I couldn’t find any blog post substantiating the same so I wrote this.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. If yes do leave your comments and I will reply each of them 🙂



… Wait just to mandate my theory above I thought why not do the same with this post and I did it, I submitted this very post at 13.07 and its their 😀

This is Google’s cache of

It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 1 Oct 2013 13:07:55 GMT

VIOLA We did it.

Gaurav Agarwal
  • Interesting, thanx for the info.

    I will share this again from my stream in G+, as both myself and as my page +fufism

    This is aneat tool and I hope it will continue to be successful. But as you may have read above in one of the snap shots taken, the one just below the point where you talk about submitting to Google it States *Google does not garuntee to index all URL’s Submitted*

    This is really important, as if Google deems your page to contain any recognised *BLACK HAT TRICKS* your page will not be indexed, and your Google Authorship value will attract some negative SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) so do be careful and be sure of the IPSEO (In Page Search Engine Optimisation) tactics that you employ.

    If this service is used excessively by those who want to trick the search engine into ranking their pages higher than they should by applying any devious tricks, then this service may be short lived, so lets try and stay on the white hat side of town shall we…

    • Thanks for commenting @4u2discuss:disqus, am well aware of #Google power and yes you are very right that BHT is now history ,mw I introduced FUFISM in my meetup today and would also email your blog address to all members 🙂

      • Many thanx for the promotion of the term #FUFISM (Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media) as this is a new idea by me to help in explaining SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)to customers.

        Gaurav : Black Hat tricks will never vanish or be gone, as there will always be those who try to cheat the system, and there will also be many who try all kinds of tricks to get better scores and higher positions in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) by any means…

        The new technology catches the cheats quicker, and removes them from the index faster than ever before. the new technology also has a means to link so called spammers accounts to their other work and thus devalue that work as well.

        • You are absolutely right @4u2discuss:disqus I also figured out many techniques in 2011 and even applied them, I was in top rankings in just 45 days but then as you said Black hat techniques have short time span.. url was pulled off Google within 2 months 🙂

  • Hi Gaurav Agarwal, yes i have done the same but it not happen every time. But thanks for sharing it.