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Digital & Social Media Marketing Agency in Bahrain

We are expert in creating Digital Campaign Life Cycle

Digital and Social Media marketing in Bahrain
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We are ROI based Digital Marketing Agency adamant in delivering results, we are customer-centric, and with massive experience in research and budget optimization, we are leaders in producing quality leads, inquiries, and direct product sales. Our conversion rates are one of the top-notch in the market.

Time is money. We strongly believe in optimizing results when it comes to efforts & management. Therefore we offer a wide range of services, all under one umbrella of our team of 100+ professionals around the globe, who are experts in their fields. We have optimized our process in such a way that our projects are executed in “Time-slice model” with multiple professionals working simultaneously on one given project with a project manager managing the complete project. Thus we can render better quality in less time.


Starting with “Website Development,” “Digital Brand Activation,” “DM Implementation” till “Conversion Optimization,” we have dominance.


We cover you, starting with website development, till performance optimization throughout the entire campaign lifecycle.

Digital Marketing Automation

Realtime Revenue Analytics - A Big E-Com venture - Continual Optimization is crucial for any E-com model to be successful
*Analytics shown in image are real results obtained for one of our clients

Automation is required to save time and energy at every stage of Digital Marketing cycle. but to get predictable results from any campaign throughout the customer journey lifecycle, end to end technical integration is required and continual optimization is required.

Collection of the marketing data, optimizing the running campaigns and doing continuous innovation requires a lot of professional experience.


We are expert in development, integration, implementation, testing, and monitoring, i.e., complete automation of digital marketing campaigns.



  • Website Development
  • Webmaster Integration
  • Tag Manager/Analytics Setup
  • Chat/Survey/Pop-up Integration
  • End to End Data Reporting

Business i.e. Leads & Sales Generation

Business starts with Lead Generation which can be attained via targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads
*Metrics/Leads shown in image are real results obtained for one of our clients

Business is all about revenue, and to generate the income you have to either sell a product or a service/consultancy. Any business model whether B2B or B2C is looking for customers. It could be either retail, buying the product directly from your store or SMEs/Corporates, looking for prospective leads.

Experience in technical implementation of digital strategies is required to reach the targeted audience/customer and convert them. We have the necessary set of skills to support digital business generation.



  • Lead Generation
  • Campaign Creation
  • Content/Artwork/Copyrighting (Ads/Organic)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google/Bing)
  • Digital Media Buying (Redirection/Pop/Native/Display/Video)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/Twitter)
  • Email Marketing (Complete Campaign Creation/Workflows)
    • Lead Generation via Email Marketing

Digital Branding & Concept Creation

Digital Brand Concept Creation
Digital Brand Concept Creation

Branding is all about “Built to Show, Built to Grow,” i.e., having its presence whenever wherever needed. Digital is the most potent tool now with over 3 billion people using digital channels to communicate every second. Digital presence for a brand is no more a luxury moreover it is a mandate.


We create a systematic organic approach to establish the Brand presence, whether it is a Digital brand activation of a startup or creating buzz for a well-established company; you are in safe hands.



  • SEO (Local/Keyword)
  • Graphics/Content Creation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Brand Concept Creation
  • Retargeting

Bahrain Demographics for precise targeting

Digital & Social Media Marketing in Bahrain can only deliver desired results when a marketer understand the demographical dynamics thoroughly.


Bahrain is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf; it is home to over 1.3 million people. Most of whom are expats and just like its neighbors in the GCC, the high volume of expats compared to the local population presents some interesting problems.

If a Digital Marketing Agency in Bahrain has to launch a marketing campaign it has to do comprehensive demographical research.

As with many of the GCC countries, the number of expats outnumbers the local population. The population of Bahrain is around 1,317,602, and the locals make up roughly 48 percent of it (46.5% according to latest data). And like their GCC neighbors, they are also dependent on them for workforce needs, with expats reported to account for 77 percent of Bahrain’s workforce.


Above classification of demographics is made as per digital targeting. Currently we can target:

  • Arabic/Locals
  • Indian Subcontinents
  • Asians


The breakdown by nationality


Bahrain data on population consists of dividing it between expats and non-expats. These figures are estimates and were provided by the respective embassies in the list. However, we would like to point out that not all the nationalities are there.

We started compiling data on the population by nationality from other available sources such as:


  • Estimates provided to us by Embassies of foreign countries.
  • Quotes from ambassadors previously made in other media.
  • Quotes by Bahrani officials previously made in other media.
  • The government of Bahrain´s official statistics reports either previously published in other media or acquired by us directly from the relevant websites.
Social Media Marketing Agency in Bahrain

Demographics i.e. Percentage of Communities in Bahrain

Demographics of Bahrain, country wise population for precise targeting

Demographics of Bahrain, the country wise population for precise targeting.

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