Top 9 Ad serving or advertisement serving websites for your blog.

“Ad serving”, as these two words stand, is the technology that used to produce a kind of software that can provide websites and advertisers with facilities of serving, selecting, and controlling advertisements.  As there are many such software producers, given below are the top 9 of the products, as I view them:


DoubleClick is regarded as the best ad server and some sites have ranked it as the Number 1 among other ad servers.  The software is efficient in calculating the frequency and the period of time an ad is viewed.  It consists of vital mechanism of revenue
calculation, digital ad management, and communication with all parties involved.

Atlas Solutions

Digital Ad serving platform atlas solutions
Atlas Solutions is a simple and reliable platform of everything from media planning to ad serving, as the manufacturer states. Atlas Solutions generates a very analytical data enabling you to easily choose which advertisement has to be prioritized.  You can also select demographically targeted customers based on specific countries for your ad campaign.


Alternate to Google adsense, Adcolt is another ad serving platform

AdColt can be considered to be in this top 9 ad server list due to one of its specific features called fraud monitoring system, specially the click fraud.  Among other important feature is area vice customer targeting.  This is another web-based platform so you will not require installing of any software.


Online Advertising Technology to Maximize Ad Revenue I Openx

OpenX is easy to use and very powerful ad server software.  One attractive feature of this free software is its capability of integrating with other network of advertisers. Your business can run this software on your own local server or from a hosted service.  It has recorded its usage by 150,000 and 300 billion ads per month.

Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer is all inclusive and it can manage all your digital campaign. One specific feature is that it can make your advertisement visible only to the viewers in the geographical area as you wish. It can deliver banners on mobile sites and applications. While running this, you will also be able to get 24-hour expert assistance.


SiteScout — Self-Serve Advertising Platform

SiteScout ad server can show your income data immediately after a sale is completed.  It has also the facility of targeting the viewer of particular areas.  User can have quick access to many templates of advertisements stored in its AdVault.  At the end or at any time of the day, you are able to view your statistics in a mode of graphs, charts, or tables.


Ad Server, Ad Serving & Banner Ad Manager Solutions - AdSpeed_com

AdSpeed ad server is hosted server that runs through an online user-friendly interface.  It has 24-hour customer support service.  Before buying this ad server you can test it through 10-day trial and 30-day money back guarantee.  You will have easy access to its basic and advance feature through the user-friendly interface.


ADTECH Ad Server Solutions

Very specific feature of this ad server is its mobile format called “ADTECH Mobile SDK” to Windows 8 which is the Microsoft’s latest operating system.  It also provides you with analysed data enabling you to make business decisions at once.  With this fastest software, you can view or analyse information within seconds and predict for the future.


ZEDO I Leading Global Ad Platform

ZEDO is considered as one of oldest and largest ad servers.  It is the first ad server that came with a self-service Advertising Module that can be presented in various languages.  It has become a tool for direct sales because of its capability of managing sales directly.


When preparing a list of top 9 ad servers, my criteria was to probe whether there is any feature peculiar to each software.  Probably, I failed in finding them sometimes.  Therefore you view on top 9 ad servers will be totally different from mine.

Author: Gaurav Agarwal

A pure marketing person with 16 years of Experience in Digital Marketing & International Business Development.