Ellabellapona – Test 2 for Twitter as Causation to Rank: Just retweet it

This is just an experiment to identify weather Twitter Social signals are causation of rankings on Google. I am not creating this post as some grand SEO experiment, neither am using any controlled environment to float this post, I want this experiment to nurture itself in natural Web environment and undergo natural process of Google ranking. I will try and make it casual, it wont be listed anywhere neither I will ask anybody to link it ( I know nobody will link it, my blog is neither so popular nor this test post is so grand. )

Ellabellapona : This is my experiment name for testing Twitter as causation.


Twitter as Causation for Google Rankings
Twitter as Causation for Google Rankings


Author: Gaurav Agarwal

A pure marketing person with 16 years of Experience in Digital Marketing & International Business Development.